Week 11: LB Comets 45 – 36 Dunstable Diamonds

On a beautiful, albeit nippy, Sunday morning, Comets rolled up to perform in their first match of 2018. With a squad of 9 and everyone in need of a run out, captain Julie put a comprehensive game plan in place.

First quarter was a shock to the system to say the least, but with cobwebs blown out we got into out stride. WA Julia and C Anita found the circle easily, complemented by a strong convertion to goals by Pat G. A win 13-11.

2nd quarter and a new combination bringing Barb on at WA and Julie at GD. Just a few adjustments were needed to settle and once again we were into our stride. The extra height in the circle helped to pick off some tips by Michele and Julie. With Michele taking a tumble. A draw 10-10.

3rd quarter and yet more changes. This time Barb to GA and Pip to WD. Another strong quarter throughout the court with exceptional text book play resulting in yet more goals. A draw 9-9.

Final quarter and all to play for at a score of 32-30. This time Barb at GS, Nicky at GA and Celia back in at WD. What can I say…we were hungry for the win and there was NO WAY we weren’t going to get it. Everyone fought hard and performed well to secure the result we deserved. This we did by winning the final quarter 13-8, with a final score of 45-36.

Well played everyone. It was a really enjoyable game with us all pulling together delivering over and above our roles. Player of match could have gone to anyone, but thanks to everyone making her look good with some peachy balls, Nicky was deemed this week’s winner!

Week 8: LB Comets 29 – 27 LB Jaguars

Comets played yet again in the blinding winter sunshine where everyone looked the same in silhouette!!!
Comets started the first quarter really strong and took the lead over Jags 12-7, Excellent feeds into Barb and Nicky into shooting circle and great conversions.
The 2nd quarter saw Jags more settled and with a little more ‘fight’ and good conversions by their GA saw Comets come to the end of Q1 with only a 2 goal lead.
Change of positions to mix it up and confuse our opposition with Julia and Caryn swapping positions (C/WA) – Comets dug deep and with Julie and Shelly trying to intercept balls into a very tall GS – Comets managed to hold onto to the 2 goal lead – 25-23.
Final quarter and both teams came out fighting – attack were fearless against a very physical Jags defence kept their eye focussed on that net. Possession was the aim of the game and best timed interceptions by our Celia – it felt like the longest 15 mins EVER and on the final whistle Comets WON by 2! Final score was 29-27 and to be fair it was a real team effort today and everyone deserved POM but Nicky was the winner. Well played ladies – most excellent win.

Week 7: LB Comets 34 – 35 Black Pearls

Comets played this league match in the early slot against Black Pearls on a bright, sunny, breezy, chilly (yes all of those), in fact it was so bright that it was very difficult to recognise anyone as the ball was coming down the court – they appeared as silhouettes with the sun behind them!!The first quarter was pretty evenly balanced with Pearls being slightly more efficient at converting their opportunities with the score after Q1 at 7 – 9. At the start of Q2, Pearls took to the court with 6 players (due to an injury) so Caryn at WA was without an opponent (probably a good thing). However, Shelley didn’t realise until late on in the last few seconds of the game that the opposition were one player down! Anyway Comets played very competitively with a good conversion rate – score at the end of Q2 at 17 – 13 to Comets. Q3 was evenly fought with quality feeds in from Anita (C) and Caryn to Jenny (GA) and Chris (playing up as GS) – the third quarter score was 26 – 24 to Comets

Julie as Captain, with wise words, encouraged Comets to keep the ball safe and not to take any risks and for the shooters to shoot from close to the post. Therefore the last quarter was again very competitively played, however, Pearls were very adapt at keeping with their game plan of a short passing/moving game with the shooters using the D edge feeds very efficiently and coming out winners. Final score was 34 – 35 to Pearls.

An excellent Comets team effort with Shelley, Julie and Pat working tightly in defence, Anita was a proper demon at C with lots of reverse arm cheeky interceptions and the slightly unusual combination of Caryn, Jenny and Chris playing well in attack.

POM was Anita and big thanks to Celia for scoring/subbing

Week 7 : LB Jaguars 36 – 12 Dunstable Diamonds

Jags started well with great pressure from defence allowing us to take an early lead of 8-2 against Dunstable Diamonds.

In the second quarter Laura came on for Vicki in centre and Jags centre court players continued to play really well with some fantastic interceptions from Gillian sending the ball back up court. 15-3 to Jags.

In the 3rd quarter Chris and gemma really found their feet with some great balls in from Sarah and nice movement in the D there were plenty of goals: 26-7 to Jags.

In the last quarter everyone was tiring somewhat but Suzanne in GD was still flying, intercepting nearly every ball. and Jaguars finished the match with a very positive result – 36 to 12.

A great match despite the bitter cold, and Dunstable Diamonds were a really nice team to play.

PoM – Gillian

Week 6: LB Jaguars 35 – 27 Black Pearls

Despite only having 6 players, things started well for Jags when Jane won the toss for first centre pass. Initially we thought that might have been our only win of the day but Jags started really well with some fantastic positioning in the circle and shooting from Chris giving Jags an early lead and winning the 1st quarter too at 10-7 to Jags.

In the second quarter Jags extended the lead, fantastic team work in defence with Jane and Tash put a stop to black pearls creeping back in to the game and we ended the second quarter 18-12.

Laura and Gillian played brilliantly in centre court, a Q3 change around in WA and C positions helped us to stay strong as it was particularly exhausting being a player down, but interceptions were great and despite being double marked they were finding nice space allowing us to extend the lead to 27-20.

We were determined not to lose it at the end and maintained our game play – simple passes, keeping things at our pace and staying in charge of the game. Gemma wasn’t too bad in the D either (I have to mention me too in match reports as Jane tells me off when I don’t!!).

Overall it was a fantastic effort from everyone in the team. Despite having injuries, coughs and colds and being a player down, everyone showed true team spirit and determination and kept going to the very end with an outstanding final score of 35-27 to Jags.

Jane was voted player, but it has to be said that if we could give it to the whole team we would as everyone worked so hard.

Week 3: LB Jaguars 19 – 34 A-Line Flyers

Jags had a positive start taking a 3-0 early lead with Gemma and Kate shooting. A-Line then got into the game and their shooting improved, finishing ahead at the end of the 1st quarter 6-9

Chris came on for Jags as GS but A-Line had settled their game and increased their lead to 17-9 at half time.

Some movements for Jags at half time improved their play with Gemma moving to C and Sarah to GA but A-Line’s defence was very talented and made it difficult to get the ball into our circle.

In the last quarter Jane swapped to C, Gemma to WA and with Laura, Suzanne and Tash in defence Jags fought on but struggled to pull back against a well organised team making the final score 34-19

POM: Jane

Cup Round 1: LB Jaguars 37 – 7 Black Pearls

Jags had a great start to the Cup competition and stormed to victory in this first round of the cup. The whole team started well and settled down very quickly into a good rhythm of play.
The shooting combination of Kate and Sarah showed no signs of this being the first game they had played together in the circle, working really well together. While at the other end the defence team of Tash and Suzanne equally had a brilliant start to the game, only letting in two goals in the first quarter, and none in the second. Plus with smooth passing down court byt Laura, Gillian and Vicki, the transition from defence to attack was seamless.
The third quarter saw some scrappy, less impressive play from Jags, however this didn’t stop them capitalising on their strengths and increasing their lead, eventually winning Jaguars 37-7 Black Pearls.
POM Suzanne Taylor.

Cup Round 1: Comets 33 – 25 Rusty Belles

LB Comets were drawn against one of the new teams into the league – Rusty Belles for Cup Round 1. Playing with a different selection of players to usual, Comets tried different combinations in each quarter. It wasn’t a very good game for Comets and although we were always in the lead we allowed Rusty Belles to catch up and at the start of the fourth quarter we were only winning by 22-21.
We pulled ourselves together in the last quarter and came out winning 33-25. Lesley was POM and it was lovely to welcome our Barb back.

Week 2: LB Comets 21 – 37 A-line Flyers

In the first quarter Comets took a little while to settle, with both Anita (WA) & Caryn (C) out of their usual positions, and we were down 5-11. Moving into the second quarter, with Anita back at C and Caryn WA, this was our best quarter. Comets battled hard to pull back the deficit but A-Line’s shooting consistency improved and Comets trailed 13-18 at the end of the quarter

After half time the heat started to get to us and, despite valiant efforts by the defence (Pat W, Pip & Celia), there were just too many loose balls which A-Line were able to convert. Q3 ended 17-29 so Comets switched thing around for the final quarter. A change in the circle saw Nikki move from GA to GS and Pat G from GS to GA but, sadly, the die had been cast and Comets lost the match 21-37.

Team: Nikki (Capt, GA/GS), Pat G (GS/GA), Caryn (WA/C), Anita (C/WA), Pip (WD), Celia (GD), Pat W (GK), Lesley (Sub)
Comets POM: Celia Green

Week 2: LB Jaguars 11 – 26 Black Tornadoes

In the first quarter Jags scored the first two goals of the match. Black Tornadoes came back and pulled away with a substantial lead despite some amazing play by defence. Kate was taking every rebound and Jane keeping the GA out, making it very hard for their attack to produce results.
By the end of the second quarter Jags had lost a few centre pass advantages and had managed only 3 goals. Suzanne made two significant changes and with Chris at GA, Kate GS, Suzanne as GK more goals were scored. Then with Chris back as GS and Kate at GA in the final quarter the full time score was Jags 11 – 26 Tornadoes.
Overall, a tough game with a very tall GD and talented Gk for the opposition. Jags did well to fight back and not give up.
POM: Laura – she not only seemed to be unmarked and kept dodging throughout, she also managed interceptions and supported the less experienced centre court players.
A big thank you to Heather and Madeline from Spitfires for their contribution today as well as playing their own match.
Team: Suzanne, Chris, Kate, Jane, Laura, Heather and Maddie