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Week 2: LB Harriers 36 – 48 Red Stripes

After ending last season with what seemed like half the team out of action, Harriers were in a bit of shock to find themselves with 9 players warming up for their first game. This enthusiasm for a new, lively squad definitely showed in the first quarter with Harriers throwing themselves into the line of all Red Stripes passes and turning over dropped balls. Harriers ended the first quarter in the lead. The second quarter was extremely close again but saw Red Stripes switch some players which threw Harriers off slightly and they were down at half time.
From then on, Stripes increased their lead and their experience showed against Harriers new line-up. Despite some excellent shooting in this high-scoring game, combined with incredible speed and agility from our mid-court players and great turnovers from Alex in her first real netball match – Stripes were too far ahead for Harriers to pull back. The final score was Red Stripes 48 – 36 Harriers.
POM: Shared between Coral (GA) and Claire (C)

Inter-Division Cup: Harriers v. White Tornadoes

Harriers 1 quarter – White Tornadoes 3 quarters

On the first day of Spring, and once everyone had found a parking space, Harriers took to the court for their first Div Cup game of the season… Read the rest of this entry

Harriers 40 – 13 Jaguars

The weather wasn’t able to dampen Harriers spirits too much for this home derby. Although the first quarter was a little slower than we would have hoped, everyone played well from the start. Read the rest of this entry

Harriers 35 – 23 Bombers

The match began evenly with both teams fighting for goals on their own centre pass as well as the opposition’s… Read the rest of this entry

LB Harriers 38 – 11 LB Jaguars

With the sun shining and the friendly hellos called between teams during warm-up, it was difficult as always to shake the feeling of playing against friends rather than competitors for this club derby… Read the rest of this entry

Harriers v. Crawley White Tornadoes

Harriers were pleased to find they were out of the freezing cold and playing indoors when they arrived bright and early on Sunday morning at Luton 6th Form College. They were pleased to welcome back Kelly and ready to give it as hard as they got since the last time the two teams faced each other was the match she broke her elbow.

Both teams played brilliantly from the start, matching each other goal for goal. Harriers managed to pull ahead very slightly in the first and second quarter and were glad of a team of 8 so they could bring on fresh legs against the youth of Tornadoes. Defence worked hard to turn around Crawley’s centre passes. Sara, T, and Millie managed numerous interceptions which were consequently turned into more goals thanks to Hayley’s tireless movement around the circle and excellent shooting.

The third quarter proved difficult for Harriers who had trouble feeding the ball into the circle against Tornadoes’ exceptional defence. However, Harriers persisted with smooth play in centre court from Sian, Tash and Vicky and despite the opposition managing to pull ahead briefly, Harriers went into the final quarter full of determination not to lose out. In the fourth quarter Kelly came into her own against a fierce GK and showed no sign of nerves despite her break from netball and recovery from injury. Hayley and Kelly worked brilliantly with each other and some great shooting from both meant Harriers went on to an elated win 32 – 25!

Player of the match was deservedly awarded to Hayley for her energy, enthusiasm and fantastic shooting during the whole match.

Harriers v. 7-Up Red

Harriers nervously arrived in Luton for this 2nd round cup match against the premiership side 7 Up Red. In inclement conditions with a couple of players suffering from colds and sleep deprivation, everyone thought this was going to be a tough challenge. On the contrary, from the very first quarter play flowed exceptionally well. Claire (WA) and Coral (GA) linked up beautifully throughout the match to ensure Hayley (GS) was provided with ample opportunities to put her name on the score board. She did not disappoint.

With goals abound, by half time Harriers had a confident lead. A strong defence with Millie (WD), T (GD) and Tanya (GK) kept the 7 Up Red attack at bay with plenty of fantastic tips and interceptions. Tanya kept her chin up throughout the match despite having many close decisions going against her. Sian’s (C) support at both ends of the court and untiring movement was crucial to the team’s success and put her a close contender for Player of the Match.

In the final quarter 7 Up Red found confidence anew and before Harriers knew what was happening a comeback was upon them. With the ball becoming slippery resulting in some unforced errors, Harrier’s lead began to look less certain, but thanks to Richardson’s heroic leadership the team pulled through against overbearing odds to come out victorious, putting them in the third round.

Hayley deservedly takes Player of the Match for her amazing goal tally against a feisty, overbearing and very skilled Goalkeeper.

Final Score (ish): Harriers 33 – 29 Seven Up Red

Captain’s Comment:

“I’m so proud of the team today. They played remarkably. It might have been damp weather but no one had damp spirits.”