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Week 8: LB Comets 29 – 27 LB Jaguars

Comets played yet again in the blinding winter sunshine where everyone looked the same in silhouette!!!
Comets started the first quarter really strong and took the lead over Jags 12-7, Excellent feeds into Barb and Nicky into shooting circle and great conversions.
The 2nd quarter saw Jags more settled and with a little more ‘fight’ and good conversions by their GA saw Comets come to the end of Q1 with only a 2 goal lead.
Change of positions to mix it up and confuse our opposition with Julia and Caryn swapping positions (C/WA) – Comets dug deep and with Julie and Shelly trying to intercept balls into a very tall GS – Comets managed to hold onto to the 2 goal lead – 25-23.
Final quarter and both teams came out fighting – attack were fearless against a very physical Jags defence kept their eye focussed on that net. Possession was the aim of the game and best timed interceptions by our Celia – it felt like the longest 15 mins EVER and on the final whistle Comets WON by 2! Final score was 29-27 and to be fair it was a real team effort today and everyone deserved POM but Nicky was the winner. Well played ladies – most excellent win.

Week 7: LB Comets 34 – 35 Black Pearls

Comets played this league match in the early slot against Black Pearls on a bright, sunny, breezy, chilly (yes all of those), in fact it was so bright that it was very difficult to recognise anyone as the ball was coming down the court – they appeared as silhouettes with the sun behind them!!The first quarter was pretty evenly balanced with Pearls being slightly more efficient at converting their opportunities with the score after Q1 at 7 – 9. At the start of Q2, Pearls took to the court with 6 players (due to an injury) so Caryn at WA was without an opponent (probably a good thing). However, Shelley didn’t realise until late on in the last few seconds of the game that the opposition were one player down! Anyway Comets played very competitively with a good conversion rate – score at the end of Q2 at 17 – 13 to Comets. Q3 was evenly fought with quality feeds in from Anita (C) and Caryn to Jenny (GA) and Chris (playing up as GS) – the third quarter score was 26 – 24 to Comets

Julie as Captain, with wise words, encouraged Comets to keep the ball safe and not to take any risks and for the shooters to shoot from close to the post. Therefore the last quarter was again very competitively played, however, Pearls were very adapt at keeping with their game plan of a short passing/moving game with the shooters using the D edge feeds very efficiently and coming out winners. Final score was 34 – 35 to Pearls.

An excellent Comets team effort with Shelley, Julie and Pat working tightly in defence, Anita was a proper demon at C with lots of reverse arm cheeky interceptions and the slightly unusual combination of Caryn, Jenny and Chris playing well in attack.

POM was Anita and big thanks to Celia for scoring/subbing

Week 7 : LB Jaguars 36 – 12 Dunstable Diamonds

Jags started well with great pressure from defence allowing us to take an early lead of 8-2 against Dunstable Diamonds.

In the second quarter Laura came on for Vicki in centre and Jags centre court players continued to play really well with some fantastic interceptions from Gillian sending the ball back up court. 15-3 to Jags.

In the 3rd quarter Chris and gemma really found their feet with some great balls in from Sarah and nice movement in the D there were plenty of goals: 26-7 to Jags.

In the last quarter everyone was tiring somewhat but Suzanne in GD was still flying, intercepting nearly every ball. and Jaguars finished the match with a very positive result – 36 to 12.

A great match despite the bitter cold, and Dunstable Diamonds were a really nice team to play.

PoM – Gillian