Week 6: LB Jaguars 35 – 27 Black Pearls

Despite only having 6 players, things started well for Jags when Jane won the toss for first centre pass. Initially we thought that might have been our only win of the day but Jags started really well with some fantastic positioning in the circle and shooting from Chris giving Jags an early lead and winning the 1st quarter too at 10-7 to Jags.

In the second quarter Jags extended the lead, fantastic team work in defence with Jane and Tash put a stop to black pearls creeping back in to the game and we ended the second quarter 18-12.

Laura and Gillian played brilliantly in centre court, a Q3 change around in WA and C positions helped us to stay strong as it was particularly exhausting being a player down, but interceptions were great and despite being double marked they were finding nice space allowing us to extend the lead to 27-20.

We were determined not to lose it at the end and maintained our game play – simple passes, keeping things at our pace and staying in charge of the game. Gemma wasn’t too bad in the D either (I have to mention me too in match reports as Jane tells me off when I don’t!!).

Overall it was a fantastic effort from everyone in the team. Despite having injuries, coughs and colds and being a player down, everyone showed true team spirit and determination and kept going to the very end with an outstanding final score of 35-27 to Jags.

Jane was voted player, but it has to be said that if we could give it to the whole team we would as everyone worked so hard.

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