Cup Round 1: LB Jaguars 37 – 7 Black Pearls

Jags had a great start to the Cup competition and stormed to victory in this first round of the cup. The whole team started well and settled down very quickly into a good rhythm of play.
The shooting combination of Kate and Sarah showed no signs of this being the first game they had played together in the circle, working really well together. While at the other end the defence team of Tash and Suzanne equally had a brilliant start to the game, only letting in two goals in the first quarter, and none in the second. Plus with smooth passing down court byt Laura, Gillian and Vicki, the transition from defence to attack was seamless.
The third quarter saw some scrappy, less impressive play from Jags, however this didn’t stop them capitalising on their strengths and increasing their lead, eventually winning Jaguars 37-7 Black Pearls.
POM Suzanne Taylor.

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