Week 2: LB Jaguars 11 – 26 Black Tornadoes

In the first quarter Jags scored the first two goals of the match. Black Tornadoes came back and pulled away with a substantial lead despite some amazing play by defence. Kate was taking every rebound and Jane keeping the GA out, making it very hard for their attack to produce results.
By the end of the second quarter Jags had lost a few centre pass advantages and had managed only 3 goals. Suzanne made two significant changes and with Chris at GA, Kate GS, Suzanne as GK more goals were scored. Then with Chris back as GS and Kate at GA in the final quarter the full time score was Jags 11 – 26 Tornadoes.
Overall, a tough game with a very tall GD and talented Gk for the opposition. Jags did well to fight back and not give up.
POM: Laura – she not only seemed to be unmarked and kept dodging throughout, she also managed interceptions and supported the less experienced centre court players.
A big thank you to Heather and Madeline from Spitfires for their contribution today as well as playing their own match.
Team: Suzanne, Chris, Kate, Jane, Laura, Heather and Maddie

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