Daily Archives: September 23, 2017

Week 2: LB Comets 21 – 37 A-line Flyers

In the first quarter Comets took a little while to settle, with both Anita (WA) & Caryn (C) out of their usual positions, and we were down 5-11. Moving into the second quarter, with Anita back at C and Caryn WA, this was our best quarter. Comets battled hard to pull back the deficit but A-Line’s shooting consistency improved and Comets trailed 13-18 at the end of the quarter

After half time the heat started to get to us and, despite valiant efforts by the defence (Pat W, Pip & Celia), there were just too many loose balls which A-Line were able to convert. Q3 ended 17-29 so Comets switched thing around for the final quarter. A change in the circle saw Nikki move from GA to GS and Pat G from GS to GA but, sadly, the die had been cast and Comets lost the match 21-37.

Team: Nikki (Capt, GA/GS), Pat G (GS/GA), Caryn (WA/C), Anita (C/WA), Pip (WD), Celia (GD), Pat W (GK), Lesley (Sub)
Comets POM: Celia Green

Week 2: LB Jaguars 11 – 26 Black Tornadoes

In the first quarter Jags scored the first two goals of the match. Black Tornadoes came back and pulled away with a substantial lead despite some amazing play by defence. Kate was taking every rebound and Jane keeping the GA out, making it very hard for their attack to produce results.
By the end of the second quarter Jags had lost a few centre pass advantages and had managed only 3 goals. Suzanne made two significant changes and with Chris at GA, Kate GS, Suzanne as GK more goals were scored. Then with Chris back as GS and Kate at GA in the final quarter the full time score was Jags 11 – 26 Tornadoes.
Overall, a tough game with a very tall GD and talented Gk for the opposition. Jags did well to fight back and not give up.
POM: Laura – she not only seemed to be unmarked and kept dodging throughout, she also managed interceptions and supported the less experienced centre court players.
A big thank you to Heather and Madeline from Spitfires for their contribution today as well as playing their own match.
Team: Suzanne, Chris, Kate, Jane, Laura, Heather and Maddie

Week 2: LB Harriers 36 – 48 Red Stripes

After ending last season with what seemed like half the team out of action, Harriers were in a bit of shock to find themselves with 9 players warming up for their first game. This enthusiasm for a new, lively squad definitely showed in the first quarter with Harriers throwing themselves into the line of all Red Stripes passes and turning over dropped balls. Harriers ended the first quarter in the lead. The second quarter was extremely close again but saw Red Stripes switch some players which threw Harriers off slightly and they were down at half time.
From then on, Stripes increased their lead and their experience showed against Harriers new line-up. Despite some excellent shooting in this high-scoring game, combined with incredible speed and agility from our mid-court players and great turnovers from Alex in her first real netball match – Stripes were too far ahead for Harriers to pull back. The final score was Red Stripes 48 – 36 Harriers.
POM: Shared between Coral (GA) and Claire (C)

Week 2: LB Spitfires 38 – 16 Rusty Belles

After a disappointing loss last week, Spitfires went out with new determination and took the lead straightaway. Defence took advantage of loose balls and kept the pressure on for the whole game. Attack worked tirelessly and fed some beautiful balls into the attacking circle. Their hard work was rewarded with a convincing win as they prevented Rusty Belles from managing to get half goals. The final score was 38-16 to Spitfires.
POM Mia Howlett (GS)

Week 2: LB Hurricanes 36 – 13 LB Eagles

Hurricanes are proving themselves a strong united team already only a couple of weeks into the season. This week drawn against Leighton Buzzard youth team, Eagles, they had a rocky first quarter that ended too close for comfort. But Hurricanes worked hard and ended in a comfortable win 36 – 13
POM: Maddie Maxwell (GA/GS)